Queerpossium hosted a day of Community Building Workshops called "Carepossium" The lecturer presented many interesting classes on how to improve our relationship with our own community.  Vera was a lone for this event. Life happened for our other sister as its expected to do. Vera took these skills shared and took them back to the convent, to begin the real work of our sisterhood. To show up for our community, when it matters. When we show it it matters to someone in that room, a performer, a patron and artist. When a sister shows up, a miracle can happen.


We are Queen City Sisterhood ~ The Order of the Moist Brollie. The 3rd Canadian Fully- Professed of House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Canada. A Not for Profit Society made up of Queer Nuns providing good works, fundraising and services to the community of the Greater Victoria Area. Spreading JOY and resisting stigmatic guilt. 



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