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Drag Sum

It is when we come together can the work get done! We were pleased to host a few members of Victoria’s Drag Royalty for a fun filled morning of food and discussion, we hope this will be the first of many. The topic we kept coming back to was opportunity.

"We need opportunities for art, to perform, be it fundraisers, to create awareness and educate the public about who we are as artists. It’s what we do, we are artists, and artist exist to create and spread Joy" ~ Persi Flage

Around the table there was a wealth of experience. From Persi Flage, a director with Victoria Pride. This royal is busy! He is active in the Youth Community, creating safe spaces and inspiring youth in the performance arts. Co-Producing with fellow royal Henrietta Dubet, in “Drag Storytime” in partnership with the Greater Victoria Public Library and the “Open Mic Night”, inviting youth of all ages to share their art with the community. Not to forget he is a Co-Producer of the “Staches and Lashes Collective”, hosting queer arts events, privileging LGBTQ2* programming for kids and youth since 2016. Dick Move joined the discussion as this royal is up to his nipples in talent. He and Chaz Avery having the task of sorting through piles of submissions for the up and coming show “King Fling” occurring in May. King Fling has produced many opportunities showcasing the talents of fellow kings, princes and others; this is where we learned that Johnny Awkward will debut his first ever solo performance.

Johnny was the third royal to join the discussion, keen to grow his skill sets and improve himself in the arts; he is looking for opportunities to improve. Like all artists in this form there is always room for improvement, to perfect what can be perfected. Johnny isn’t alone in this thinking, there are many others, new this art form who are looking for mentorship. Those who don’t know where to look or who to ask. I am happy to learn to the community of Victoria Royals, are deeply supportive to each other and interested people just need ask. The final point and we all agree. Creating opportunities, encourages participation. To participate all one need to do is show up. Show up for your community and share in the joy that you created together.

We Hope to have another soon, we hope you can join us

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