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A very long day trip to the island to celebrate Victoria Pride Parade & Festival with the The Queen City Sisterhood - The Order of the Moist Brollie. The parade was the smoothest of the past 3 years I have attended and while I didn't think anything could top last year's parade, well, this year topped last year's parade. ❤️

The overcast skies and the subsequent rain didn't damper the spirits of the walkers or the watchers. There were even more walkers that I recognized and even more watchers that I recognized. Bangkok may be my second home but Victoria is getting close to being my third home!

Sr. Vera's Corset was WAY Too Loose

And of course, it's the people that make the memories. And I am so blessed to have shared today with Dave Davey Decarlo, Diversity Rains, Bear Itall (Mariegold Randy), Teen LaQueefa (Wendy MacLeod) and Vera Tooche (Brandon Robbins)

Sr. Queefa Blessing the Crowd!

Written: Sr. Fancy Pants.

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