Nanaimo Pride

Aspirant Judith, Sr. Qleo Sutra, Sr. Teen LaQueefa, Br. Lawrence L'abia and Sr. Vera Tooche

The Victoria Sisters marched in Nanaimo's 5th Pride Parade. A fun filled day and we were surprised that the people knew who we were because it was our first appearance in the city. We had a few moving experiences and found ourselves in tears. Well done Nanaimo, we'll do it next year.


We are Queen City Sisterhood ~ The Order of the Moist Brollie. The 3rd Canadian Fully- Professed of House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Canada. A Not for Profit Society made up of Queer Nuns providing good works, fundraising and services to the community of the Greater Victoria Area. Spreading JOY and resisting stigmatic guilt. 



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