Our Debut

The Queen City Sisterhood made its debut. Needless to say that none of knew what we were doing with putting on "Sister face" It was a hot night, and a lot of anxiety and hesitation going on in our minds. Were we ready, would the city warm up to us?  At the Bump and Grind show at the Victoria Event Centre was where we got our answer. There was such a sense of welcome from the performers. We were wowed by Silk E Gunz and other talents that Victoria had to offer. Not to forget Lola Frost, a guest performer from Vancouver. What a way begin start the journey, our faces melted off in the heat! Next time we'll powder more...


We are Queen City Sisterhood ~ The Order of the Moist Brollie. The 3rd Canadian Fully- Professed of House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Canada. A Not for Profit Society made up of Queer Nuns providing good works, fundraising and services to the community of the Greater Victoria Area. Spreading JOY and resisting stigmatic guilt. 


E: yyjsisters@gmail.com

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