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Pride 2017

This was our first Pride as a sister hood and we were thrilled to be part of it. We began the festival with Drag Ball. This long standing tradition, a game of Titans between the Kings and Queens of Drag. He were there sporting our experimental coronet- the Umbrella hat. It looked great but we hated it... not a very practical design between the tension headache and the wind carrying us off, it wasn't a good git. back to the drawing board on this one. The game was amazing and a lot of laughs, surprisingly no one got hurt, broke a leg or twisted an ankle running the bases in their heels.  No one was happier than we were. 

Next was the Big Gay boat Ride. An annual event where the Community boards a boat for a harbour tour. Where the community to gather and celebrate while taking in a sunset on the water. Vera and Lucy joined the celebration sharing in the joy and stories of those on board. We couldn't be happier to, seeing some old friends and meeting a few new ones. Later in that night we ventured downtown for the Mr/Miss/Mx Paparazzi contest. A drag battle showcasing Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent to decide who was to gain the title. The judges had quite the decision to make. in the end the winners were Boy Idol and Sir Ryan Reel/ Con-drag-ulations to you both. 

To close the festival week we marched in the Pride Parade. This was a first ever experience for us as a group. One of the few times that we could come together completely as founding members of our Order. It was more incredible because we were joined but a few of the Vancouver Sisters, Sisters Fancy Pants and Diversity Rains joined us offering blessings to the crowd, we got drunk from the energy given by the people or that could have been sun stroke. we continued to meet people during the festival, listened to music playing and met vendors. It was a great day had by us all and went home exhausted. 

A few days later Victoria held is Alternative Pride for those who would like to Pride to return to its roots. This pocket of the community had its own celebration, a family picnic where food was shared, music and spoken word poetry Sin Sanity and Vera attended this celebration. It was much smaller than the festival of the past weekend but it was certainly cozy. We thank organizers for letting us participate 

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