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Pride and Shine 2018

Sisters from across Canada and Seattle

It isn't often when we nuns can venture off our island, but when we do we make it count. Vancouver Pride, it says it all. A far grander festival than we have experienced before, this was a first for both Queefa and Vera. Boarding the ferry we crossed the Salish sea where we stumbled on our first event, it was so fast we didn’t have time to don a face. Queefa went mish- face (Sister Missionary Position, is one of the oldest of our order and they don’t wear face, but that doesn’t stop her from doing the “lord’s work”) but Vera didn’t have the spoons that night- it was a long day. It was there that we met the bulk of the Vancouver order. It was certainly a sight. Horns everywhere one could look, it was wonderful.

Mayor. Incumbent Gregor Robertson, Sr. Diversity Rein, Sr. Fancy Pant and Sr. Vera Tooche

The next day was a simpler day of Pancake and a pilgrimage to the temple (Studio FX) it’s like church for every Drag Queens, Kings and Things here in Vancouver. All in preparation for the next day, the parade. Three hours in the blistering sun, faced with an overwhelming crowds lining the streets. By the end we were all done, tired feet and throats sore form primal screaming to rev up the crowd.

Before long we were back on the ferry home, it was over way too fast. It wasn’t long that were on our way back, Vera and Queefa, learning from our mistake from the time before, we donned our faces on the ferry. There we were, sitting in the cafeteria with makeup scattered over the table and we finished our facial masterpieces in the car.

All for SHINE18, hosted and produced by dear friend Dean Thullner. A gala event showcasing art and fashion. All for mental health awareness and we nun were there to enjoy the show and sell raffle tickets. Sell tickets we did- over 1300 dollars’ worth. It was amazing. The patron dressed to the nines, and SO SHINY! By the end we were so happy to make the trip to participate and hope to do it again next year!

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