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Sashay Cafe

"For the Love of Drag" is on a roll hosting its 3rd All Ages show of the season with a bit of a twist. This Show was Disney Themed! Vera happily sitting at her post, checking off name, and selling drag dollars while patrons eagerly awaited the performers to showcase their favorite Disney tunes.

There was a yet another twist with the evening. Some performers couldn't make it due to... reasons so our very clever host Junk Male improvised an audience participation game-- Heads or Tails. Vera was confused as ever because she didn't know the rules. Tossing the coins and and staring back awkwardly at our host wondering what to do next. Our Sister is "so -so pretty" But its a good thing she learned fast because the game went slightly easier after those first awkward tosses. Leading to a "Lip Sync for your Life" where two patron duked it to the musical styling of "Frozen" for next months show tickets! Yet another Sold Out Sold and we are so happy to be part of it. So.. same time next month?

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