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Sashay Cafe

"For the Love of Drag" hosting is monthly All Ages Drag show at Cafe Fantastico in the Quadra Village. This was exciting because it was the 90's Edition. Performers featured their favorite 90's tunes. As Mr. Junk Male had stated in his intro, most of our performers weren't even born yet... How OLD we must feel! At least Sr. Vera did-- pushing 40. That didn't stop the performers from bringing down the house, and the encouraging the patrons to sing along. They certainly did! So much warmth and energy from this show. Sr. Vera was invited yet again to perform and she "Freed Your Mind" as taught to her by Envouge ( it had to be said ). We were so happy to be part of this amazing series, made part of the "For the Love of Drag" family. Supporting an amazing show and its performers! So... same time next month?

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