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Sashay Cafe- Sep 19

This has become our favorite time of the month. The sisters doing our standing gig at Sashay Cafe, doing door and selling drag bucks. This show has become a must see of the Quadra Village, providing a show that all ages can enjoy! Sister Vera was not alone this time as she was joined by Br. Lowrance A'Labia. Dividing the duties of selling drag-buck while the other tended the stage. It was fun for us both to come to and enjoy a high grade show! It always pleases us to learn that it sells out every time.

Later on in the night we got recognize the host Junk Male to the hard work they do in the community. Creating a space for art, a safe space for the community to gather to enjoy and express that. It was our honour to acknowledge them as a Saint. For the work they do, creating community and safe spaces.

We very much enjoy being part of this event. So.. Same time next month???

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