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Gathering of the Nuns

This already-amazing year has gotten better this weekend at Victoria Pride with the The Queen City Sisterhood - The Order of the Moist Brollie Victoria Sisters and the Seattle Sisters.

I arrived in Victoria Saturday morning and had my first date in a very long time. It just felt like the right time and I felt ready for it. So . . . yeah!

Afterwards, I had some one-on-one time with Sister Vera Brandon Robbins and what a day we had. We talked and laughed so much that my cheeks were hurting a little. LOVE this Sister. Unfortunately, we also walked around and did some $$ damage at Value Village. Bought lots of drapes for my Vancouver Pride outfit as well as other things. But the talking was just wonderful and therapeutic.


And the weekend got so much better on Sunday when it was confirmed that 4 The Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence, The Abbey of St. Joan from Seattle were also going to join us! This small group of 3 Houses was just the right size to bond and get to know each other and to do our respective ministries together.

In what is the start of a Victoria Pride tradition, the Sisters met up at Floyd's Diner for breakfast. What started as 5 Sisters, turned into 9, turned into 10. 10 Sisters breaking bread together, IN FACE!

Victoria Pride this year was bigger than last year. The crowds were so much bigger and every stretch of the route was packed with people. So amazing! Last year, there were some empty and some sparse spots but this year was packed! And the energy was perfect. While corporate representation was evident, community organizations made up the bulk of parade marchers.

And Diversity. That Sister just amazes me. She caught the 7 am ferry from Vancouver, manifested on the ferry and somehow managed to join us at breakfast all ready to go. And this year, she was able to keep up with the parade . . . for the most part.

Looking forward to hosting Sisters from both houses at Vancouver Pride in a few weeks!

Sr. Fancy Pants

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