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Sexuality Salon ~ Rejection and Jealousy

It’s always a proud day when a sister is invited to an event, let along be invited to speak during an event. This was one of those times for Vera, as she was asked to be a panelist during a discussion forum focused on Rejection and Jealousy. Vera joined a panel of other young people, Musician Sarah Osborne and Tia Lalarkin; they brought their tools sets and experiences which helped them deal and better understand the emotions we feel when dealing with rejection.

Offering perspectives and experiences especially when dealing with monogamy versus polyamory dynamics and the challenges faced and overcome when dealing situations in those arena. Hosted by Victoria’s Lover of Humans, Tanille Geib, she asked pointed questions to shed light on the topic put forward and engage the audience ensuring their questions got

answered also. Later in the night Sarah Osborne performed a few playful songs getting those in attendance in the groove. It was very enjoyable for all and many thanks to our loverly host Tanille Geib and we look forward to the next event.

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