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Sexuality Salon~ Consent

Tanille Geib hosted another one their fantastic forums – Sexuality Salon and it peeked our attention because it had a lot to do with consent. A term that has evolved in our day and age to become something important, more than it used to be. Tanille being a lover of humans and art of conversation created a forum where an intimate audience, open to new ideas can come together and draw from our personal experiences. On the stage was a panel of people with varying experiences, perspective of what consent is. They discussed it openly, answering question from Tanille and from the audience, there was so much good information exchanged that this nun took notes. In the end you felt like you left with more than you came with. Tools and skills sets that anyone can use in their daily life, how approach situations where consent is necessary and how to recognize it when we need it ourselves when dealing with people. Bettering how we treat people, by respecting ourselves and the personal space of those around us.

Not that it was all serious, with the help of performer Vanny Von Baron she illustrated the proper way of sending a solicited dick pic, and the many considerations one should consider when taking said pic. Position, posing, lighting – all those things. So to educate the masses on these subtle points on taking a perfect shot of their phallus and perhaps open a conversation on what the receiving party would like to see. So it can be enjoyed and not sent directly to the trash can. Needless to say, we were all in tears, the venue echoed with laughter. Well done Tanille, we look forward to the next event.

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