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Sock Hop

On Easter Sunday, April 2, 2018, Vera was proud to attend Retro Sock Hop Variety Show produced by Madimus Productions. This fun fusion of drag and burlesque, or otherwise Bur-Rag Show came the beautiful minds of Amus Beast Osaurus and Madison Tamara whose goal:

“ to showcase the varieties of talented humans that Victoria has. We also want to provide a safe space to bridge the gap between performers and have everyone share a stage....including YOU!”~ Amus

In partnership with Distikt Night Club, this was Madimus ’third successful themed production in this venue with more scheduled in the future. The performers’ playful interpretations of the 50’s theme was highlighted by the Hostesses of the evening. 

The dynamic duet of Vivian Vanderpuss and Henrietta Dubet with their keen wit and humour, set the stage for the dazzling performances of Lola Maneata, Chaz Avery and Boi Idol. The Hoop Healer hypnotized the masses with lights, while the sensuous performances of the noted Cinnanmon Kicks and Deliah D’Lish got this nun hot under the collar. The show would not be completed without a costume contest where Vera was invited to judge alongside Victoria’s own Gala Vega and Henretta Dubut before closing the variety show with a special guest, the celebrated Saint, Champagne Sparkle. 

The evening continued and patrons danced to the live musical styling of Dani Jackson and her Frosted Tips and DJ Yeezy Yee. This was an event not be missed and we look forward to attending other Madimus Productions in the future.

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