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Syrup and Sausages with the Sisters~ 2018

The time is come where we can come together and show Victoria and what we are able to do. To bring the community together in the best way we know how, with food. To treat this event like we would one of general meetings. to gather around the table and connect over dinner- the best check in happen with any group with food- why should this be any different?

Thus Syrup and Sausages with the Sisters was the best event we’ve hosted all year. Partnering with the Vancouver island Persons with AIDS Society, a group that was among the first to welcome us and invite us to their events and make us as a collective of nuns feel welcome. This event was an opportunity to acknowledge them and thank them for all the hard work they do for the community. What they do is hard and soulful work, ministering to those who have been recently diagnosed with HIV, to defuse the stigma of what that means to have and life with HIV. Even for those who do not have the virus but are still fearful of dating and loving one with HIV, they are the resource you need to rid yourself of that fear. Needless to say we were happy to work with them.

We were SO happy that our sisters from Vancouver made to trip to support us and take part. Sisters; Fancy Pant, Diversity Rein, Bear It-All and Postulant John. We are grateful to you and your support! You were a great help! 

We gathered in a tiny church like hall on Harriet rd and prepared a meal served fresh, silent auctions and a careless cake walk all to raise funds benefiting ourselves and the PWAS. We hope to host another of these in the future. we hope to serve more of the community too- to work in partnership with other local charities and events that show cases Victoria’s talented artists. Which is what we told OutLook TV. Standing by that, we hope to create other connections that benefit our direct community, put money back where it deserves to be and funding programs and resources for Victoria’s people. Perhaps resources that benefit Vancouver Island in the not too distant future.

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