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The Rolodex: VI/Gulf Islands Queer Community, Groups and Resources

Below is a collected works of resources and organizations that serve the Queer Community of Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

It may not be complete so let us know

( and we’ll do our best to add it!!

Many thanks to those who have put in to the work to create this document!

This is a living document- It doesn’t belong to US ~ It belongs to everyone!

Love Always,

The Queen City Sisterhood~ The Order the the Moist Brollie


Victoria non-profit/educational/community-oriented LGBTQ2+

Local/Victoria Youth-oriented pages/organizations:

Local/Victoria Trans-specific pages/organizations:

VI/ Gulf Islands LGBTQ2+ Pride organizations:

General LGBTQ2+ pages/organizations (not listed above):

LGBTQ2+ Social Groups:

LGBTQ2+ Local Mutual Interest Groups:

Queer Performer Groups:

Queer Art Productions/Troupes

For Additional Local Resources:

Queer Friendly Business/Sponsors

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