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Whitecaps FC Pride Match vs. FC Dallas

  • Paladin Jack n Your Face and Sister Wendy MacLeod (Sister Teen LaQueefa)from Victoria was in our land to join Mariegold Randy (Sr Bear Ital) and moi to share in Whitecaps FC Pride Match vs. FC Dallas. Proceeds from tickets sales went to the Westend Softball Association (Gay) so why not have fun and give back at the same time?

It was been amazing to witness the evolution and blossoming of a Sister. Qweefa has done some wonderful work and to see her let loose and be expressive has been a JOY! She was dancing and ministering and photo-ing . . . WOW!

And the game was like a mini LGBTQ community reunion. Saw members of the gay hockey league, the new Surrey Emperor . . . just so many people came together for this. And the Whitecaps organization seem to be doing their part also. The did the usual rainbow team jersey, sell rainbow paraphernalia, and a PSA about inclusivity with a message of “Soccer for All”. Nice. And they back it up also with d’immunité work throughout the year. I liked what they were selling and I bought into it.

My look today was a deconstructed rainbow flag. I had each colour somewhere on my body. And my face was quite literally a soccer ball. I definitely played with lines and they don’t exactly look like a soccer ball but it looked closed enough. It was nice not to do my usually Fancy face. It was nice to have a ball on my face again.

~Sr. Fancy Pants

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