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World AIDS Day

World AIDS day is always a humbling day where we nun revisit our own history and the role of the nuns of the past in the fight on AIDS/HIV. The fight isn’t over but the science has performed leaps and bounds advancing our knowledge on the virus and further our understanding of it and other STIs. This year we were invited to the event held at the Royal BC Museum, we were met with a beautiful set up and local history of the people of Victoria. AIDS Vancouver Island proudly displayed a number of propaganda and educational pamphlets to showcase the advancements of science and other documents to help resist stigma surrounding those effected by the virus. Our favorite was a detailed picture book call “The Guide To Safe Sex” Amazing!

It was the day that two of our nun made their debut, Sister Lolth and Brother Cecilia. The first showing as member and there were surprised to be greeted by such warmth and acceptance by the presenters and member of AVI. After the elder gave her welcome address we witnessed a video focused on the indigenous perspective and stories of their life and experience. Later we were invited to dance to a drumming song, I say invited but when really it was “Get up and join us, whilst being dragged to our feet” I want to say we danced well, but we all know the truth, we had fun and that what mattered.

We joined the gathering at the Legislature where a red ribbon of candles were lit giving a moment of silence for those who are no longer with us and after giving a short prayer for the Persons Living with AIDS/HIV Society before a screening of “Day With(out) Art, Alternate Endings, Activists Rising”

It was quite the day, and so satisfying- soul nourishing.

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