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Year End Hoedown

Vera was invited out to the Year End Hoe-down, where the Uvic law students gather and celebrate the end of exams and decompress after a rigorous term of study. Hosted by the UVic OUTLaws, an LGBT+ organization run by a law student group.

This year had a western theme, and rhinestone cow-people amasses and danced all their stresses away. Vera blended right in, despite being the only nun, perhaps which will change in future. There as another reason for folks to gather, to mass funds for the “Rainbow Road” For the readers unfamiliar with this organization, they recuse LBGT+, living in places in the world where being so, is illegal; often punishable by death. The funds raised that evening, totaling $3128; organizers were proud to say that they might have raised enough to save a single life.

Our goal was to throw a consent focused party for a good cause, where everyone would feel welcome - OUTLaw Organizers

The night was enhanced when the members of Victoria’s Royalty made an appearance. A mini performance hosted by our own Eddi Lushious, who simply speaking, rocking out with their cock out. I do not joke, this happened and it was amazing. Justin Pousse flipped the bird, stripping away gender constructs. Vivian Vanderpuss, sporting the biggest Dolly hair I’ve ever seen, strutting her stuff to “9 to 5” and the crowd roared. Lola Maneata dazzled with her dance moves and sex appeal. The show ended with a group dance number there they were joined by Vanny Von Baron in a piece showcasing equality and LGBT+ rights.The dancing continued long into the night, a few patron wondered if Vera would ever perform. I guess that is something to be considered in the future. Well done all, meeting fundraising goals and congratulations on successfully completing the term!

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