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Teen LaQueefa

October 2017 - Present

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Lucy Caboose

October 2017 - Present


Lorence A'Labia

July 2018 - Present



October 2018 - Present


Kitty Purry

November 2019 - Present


Thea Dacity

August 2020 - Present


Monie Monet

June 2020 - Present


Luna Eclipse

July 2020 - Present


Nia Gillies

July 2017 - Present

Saints, Angels & Sisters of the Past

As Sisters, we vow to be of service to our community, to expiate stigmatic guilt and to spread universal joy.  We do our best to live into these vows and following our callings.  We know, however, this path isn't for everyone and there are other amazing people in our community who we recognize for the outstanding ways they live their lives through their devotion to public service, social activism, and spiritual enlightenment.  We do this by granting Sainthood in the Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  Sainthood is the highest honour that can be given by the Sisters. 

Our Angels have provided us with inspiration and/or assistance essential to our work.  In this humble way we thank them for their outstanding work, commitment, or inspiration to us and others in our communities. 

Do you know anyone or a group that might warrant such an honour? Do they Inspire? Do great work for selfless reasons that benefit the community?


Tell us about them! 

How have they inspired you?

Tell us their story...

Vikki Smudge - Saint

Vikki Smudge - Saint

Persi Flage - Saint

Persi Flage - Saint

Junk Male - Saint

Junk Male - Saint

Cheesecake Burlesque Revue - Angels

Cheesecake Burlesque Revue - Angels

Judith Stein - Angel

Judith Stein - Angel

Vera Tooche  - Sister of Yesteryear

Vera Tooche - Sister of Yesteryear

Guard Lolth - Sister of Yesteryear

Guard Lolth - Sister of Yesteryear